Rotation Rotation Rotation – Midfield Focus – GW14 recap + Future Predictions

November 30, 2017 by Jonathan Lawrence

How many of you were sat in front of the TV last night – having transferred in one or more of Salah, Hazard, Silva or Sane – only to find out they were all rested for what seemed like a monster points haul week for them? You weren’t the only ones.

However there was a bitter sweet moment for the Salah owners (50%) as he came off the bench in the 67th minute, scored in the 77th and then made it a brace in the 83rd returning an impressive 13 points in 23 minutes. Thats equal to Lukaku, Alli, Eriksen, Aguero & Jesus put together (who cost a whopping £52.1M). Cheers then.

Our attention must turn to the exclusion of Hazard who was rested for yesterday’s game to Swansea. Hazard who struggled early on due to injury has become merely a differential in FPL terms with ownership at only 9.2%. However, given Chelsea’s upcoming fixtures (the easiest of the whole league over the next 5GWs), having Hazard in your team, will, in our opinion pay dividends over the coming weeks.

Then there is the ‘extremely small’ matter of Sterling… Having rescued City again for the 3rd time this season late on! Last night being the latest save recorded, perhaps only eclipsed by Agueroooooo’s strike back in 2012. (Can anyone else believe that was 6 seasons ago?) Sterling averages 7.3 points per match and at only 8.2M can you afford to leave him out? The only doubt for Sterling is his minutes; he has played 200 minutes less than Salah this season and is often victim of Pep’s rotation system, plus there’s the incoming fixture with title contenders and city neighbours UTD in game week 16.

Two standout performers and overachievers from GW14 who are seriously low on the FPL ownership percentages were Mesut ‘Im awake again’ Ozil and Ashley ‘Not bad for a guy with a Zimmer’ Young. Ozil returned an eye boggling 17 points with 2 assists a goal and of course 3 bonus points. If you’re one of the 1.8% of FPL players who own him I tip my hat to you……well played sir.

Close behind at nearly half the price was Young who scored a brace and picked up all the BPS on his return to Watford. Some Homecoming…. Would we recommend getting either of these in? At Ozil’s price and Fixture difficulty I would say no. Ashley Young could be a differential at only £5M but with two Honking fixtures coming up I think just pat these two on the back and move on.

I’m going to leave you with a personal pick of mine based on his incoming fixture difficulty being as easy as Chelsea’s for the next 5 GW’s: Wilfred Zaha who has been leading the front line for Palace is only selected by 5.3% of FPL managers and has a FAV of 1 which is the same as Fabregas, Sanchez, Coutinho & Willian to name a few. He could be a major transfer contender going into the next two game weeks where they travel to West Brom and host Bournemouth & at only 6.9M maybe time to fill your boots.

Would love to know your thoughts and comments below. Did you pick Hazard? Agree on Zaha? Disagree? Hate Sterling? Love Salah? Let me know below.

Come at me weekend. Much Love.




Image Credit: Aleksandr Osipov

  • November 30, 2017
  • Published by Jonathan Lawrence

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