Player Rankings (Fixture Adjusted Value)

How we calculate Fixture Adjusted Value

FIXTURE ADJUSTED VALUE (FAV) is the only FPL metric that combines a player’s Price, Points and future Fixtures into a single index that you can use to rank players.

First we calculate the VALUE of each player (Total Points ÷ Price): This is the Points Scored per £1M spent on that player.

Player A: Total Score (40) ÷ Price (£4M) = 10 Points Scored Per £1M spent.

Player B: Total Score (84) ÷ Price (£12M) = 7 Points Scored Per £1M spent.

Next, we handicap each player VALUE by the Premier League’s own FIXTURE DIFFICULTY RATING (FDR) for each player’s next 3 GameWeeks. Players with harder upcoming fixtures will have their VALUE handicapped more than players with easier upcoming fixtures.

And there you have it, past performance and future prospects combined into a single number to help you make better signings.

We also have a separate Fixture Difficulty Index for each team, enabling instant fixture comparison across different timeframes.